Blue HeronEach year the South Indian River Water Control District prepares a budget for the coming fiscal year, which runs September through October. The budget includes water control and road maintenance for the East and West sides of the District, maintenance for the Jupiter Park of Commerce and Egret Landing, and park maintenance in Palm Beach Country Estates. Debt service funds, capital projects funds, and internal operations and maintenance funds are also included.


The District Treasurer prepares a preliminary budget for the Board of Supervisors' review and consideration in the month of June each year. After review by the Board and any needed adjustments are made, the proposed budget is presented at a public hearing in August, usually the third Thursday of the month. The hearing is duly noticed in the local news publications and landowners are informed by letter. A copy of the proposed budget is made available for review by landowners at the District office each year and on this webpage.


After the August public hearing is adjourned, the Board convenes their monthly board meeting where the District Treasurer presents the final budget for consideration and approval of the resolution adopting the budget and the levying of special assessments.


Annual Budget Meeting - August 16, 2018

The Annual Budget Meeting was held August 16, 2018 at the Jupiter High School Media Center at 7:00 pm.


Total assessments from ongoing programs are proposed to increase from last year’s level of $4,798,800 to $5,583,000 for the 2018-2019 budget year. Continuing with the Board’s increased emphasis on drainage improvements and culvert rehabilitation, the preliminary budget seeks to adequately fund the efforts of the District for functions that the Board has expressed a desire for increased focus. As a result, there are significant increases in the funds for Water Control services.


For the majority of parcels that are assessed for both Water Control and Road Maintenance services, the refocus of funding will be substantially offset (approximately 6,120 of 7,427 parcels). However the balance of approximately 747 parcels in Egret Landing and Jupiter Park of Commerce and 558 parcels in Jupiter Farms that are not assessed for Road Maintenance will see the full increase in the Water Control rate, while not receiving the decrease in Road Maintenance. Enhanced initiatives include the Driveway Culvert Replacement Program, Palm Beach Country Estates Outfall Clearing Initiative and a Detailed Section 7 Review of analysis of drainage characteristics by the District Engineer.


The preliminary budget also includes a District Work Center expansion that is needed to meet future requirements. The existing structure, built in 1983 is no longer adequate to protect the District’s investment in equipment or fulfill the Board, staff and landowner needs. The cost of this project would be a one-time charge.


New initiatives for 2018-2019 include the 19th Plan of Improvement debt assessment for those landowners affected and the construction of models of water quality/quantity parameters to provide a scientific basis of the District’s position for future discussion with regulatory agencies.


The Board discussed various aspects of the budget and heard from landowners. Mr. Hinkle asks for a motion to adopt a resolution to approve the budget. Mr. Powell motioned to adopt the resolution to approve the budget and a uniform method of assessment. Mr. Howard seconded the motion. The budget passed with a 4-1 vote with Mr. Meyer dissenting.


2018-2019 Approved Budget

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